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Dixie OES Rescue Adoption Application

Your answers to this application help us find the best possible match between you and an Old English Sheepdog in our care. The more we know, the better we are able to make each adoption successful. Please read the Terms of Adoption. If you agree to the terms, proceed with this on-line application.
Please do not expect an immediate response to your application submission. You will be contacted when an appropriate dog becomes available. Thanks.

Please review the whole form before entering your data.
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If not, are you willing to comply with Rescue's fencing or leash policy?  
Why do you want an Old English Sheepdog?
If you have you ever owned a dog(s), please describe what kind(s).
What happened to your last pet?
How long did you have this pet? 
If you have other animals, list type, age, sex.
Have you ever lost a dog?        Ever had one killed or injured? 
Most OES are not good with young children. The herding instinct (purposely bred into them) is so strong that OES tend to be rough and sometimes aggressive with young kids at play. Therefore, we need to know if you have or plan to have young children (under age 10) in your home.
Do you have kids under age 10 living with you?
If none at present, do you plan to have young children in your home?
Please list ages of kids under age 10.
List any allergies of home occupants.
Where will dog be kept during day?
Where will dog be kept at night?
How many hours will dog have to be alone?
Is someone home during the day?
Gender preference: Male Female Either
Age preference (check all that apply): Puppy Young Middle-aged Senior
Would you take a deaf dog?
Would you take an obedience class?
In order to adopt an OES from this program, it is necessary for you to have a personal interview and grooming lesson with one of our volunteers. The purpose of the interview is to acquaint you with the breed, its problems and in particular, grooming. When are you available?
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Terms of Adoption

1.   Fee: We ask for a minimum donation of $200 plus $30 membership which entitles you to a year's Membership.  The $200 total is due at the time the adoption takes place. The Rescue dog will have been temperament tested, neutered or spayed, have had all the necessary inoculations, a heartworm test, stool test for worms, and medical treatment will be given as needed before the dog is adopted. A complete physical is given as well as the required Rabies shot. 

2.   AKC Papers: If AKC registration papers are available for the Rescue dog, copies will be given to the new owner. 

3.   Return Policy: If for any reason, the adoption is not found to be satisfactory, Rescue requires that the dog be returned. The Rescue dog MUST NOT be sold or given away, but returned to Rescue if for any reason the adoption is unsatisfactory for the adopting family. Dixie OES Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to take back any Rescue dog that is being neglected or not properly cared for. 

4.   Release Form: The adoptive owner must sign a legal release form protecting themselves, Dixie OES Rescue, Inc., and the Rescue dog. 

5.   License: The Rescue dog must be licensed in accordance with existing laws in your town, and RABIES vaccine must be kept current. 

6.   Care: The adopting family agrees to provide adequate shelter, food, all necessary medical and grooming care, and agrees that their Rescue dog will not be allowed to run free or be tied out without proper supervision. Failure to do so will require that the dog be surrendered to Rescue. 

We require that you follow a regular inoculation program as established by your veterinarian. Your dog will need yearly boosters for Distemper, Parvo, Kennel Cough.  Rabies booster as required by your state law. Your dog MUST have an annual test for heartworm and your veterinarian will recommend a heartworm preventative program for your dog. 

I have read the terms of adoption and understand them and agree to abide by them if I adopt an Old English Sheepdog from the Dixie OES Rescue, Inc. 

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