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Thinking Of Breeding Your OES? 

Please Read This.

Hi Folks,

I get so many calls from people that want to breed their bitch, "just once" to have a litter.  I always ask what makes you really want to breed your bitch?  Have you done the three necessary tests - OFA, CERF and thyroid tests?  These need to be done after 24 months of age.  Are you aware of the complications that can occur during a pregnancy and birth? Can you take a month off work to supervise the litter and assist the mom and pups on a 24 hour basis if you have a sick pup.  A new mom is just that. Even after 30 years I always have a midwife assist me.  I want the best for my mom and pups. I know of entire litters that died within 24 hours of delivery because the people had no clue what was happening to the pups.  I got into rescue a bitch who cannibalized 4 of her six pups! 

Again, the breeder from whom you bought the pup, if reputable, is the best source for info. You must study bloodlines.  Sure you can throw 2 dogs together and luck gives you what you get.  That is NOT correct breeding.  It would take reading a dozen good breeding books to understand the science of good breeding. I also ask people what will you do with the pups that you can not sell?  Knowing how and what to do is the real question one must ask oneself before  taking on the breeding of any bitch.

Madeline Erickson
Haystac's OES and OES Rescue Volunteer
Churchville, NY


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