Dixie OES Rescue

Considerations When Buying a Puppy

Any person considering the purchase of an Old English Sheepdog puppy should check for the following:

  1. Temperament
  2. Auto-immune diseases
  3. Hip dysplasia (OFA Certification)
  4. Hereditary eye defects (Board certified ophthalmologist)
  5. Thyroid

Advice from two responsible breeders:
From a breeder in Connecticut
And from a breeder in New York State

For more specific information, contact OESCA:
OESCA = Old English Sheepdog Club of America

We recommend that you only consider buying a puppy from an OESCA member.

For puppy referral information, contact Tarja Koistila at oescrazy2@yahoo.com
OESCA Breeder Referral


Dialog with a conscientious breeder is imperative!