We are searching for a safe environment for our Rescue dogs. An OES that is allowed to run loose will always be at risk unless accompanied by a responsible adult. It is the policy of the New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. to encourage a secure fenced area for your OES. Special circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis. In any case, the OES should always be supervised when outside.

Dog runners and tie outs are not acceptable alternatives to fencing, as they can leave the dog in a very vulnerable position Dogs can be easily stolen, abused or teased by children (or adults) passing by, attacked by other dogs, and generally become frustrated when tied for an extended period.

We suggest stockade, chain link, or heavy wire mesh as fencing material. The fencing should be at least five feet high. The ideal fenced area is a portion of the yard surrounding a door or slider into the house. (That way you can stand in your pajamas and observe the dog's "accomplishments" - even in sleet or snow!) If you would like further information about confinement, please ask the Placement Coordinator or volunteer. Rescue HotLine is 781-259-8173.

The best policy of all is to keep your OES in your house where it prefers to be anyhow and where it will look forward to going out at your side happily on its leash!!

For more information please contact us