Won't you Consider Becoming a Foster home?

One of Dixie OESR, Inc.'s most valuable commodities is the foster home. A foster home allows us to evaluate each OES for personality traits and prepare the dog for its placement into a permanent adoptive family. We are currently in need of more foster homes. This means that we may not be able to help OES in trouble as quickly as before. And we would hate to have to pass up any OES for lack of space to put them. The only alternative to foster care is a boarding kennel. This is very expensive even as a short-term solution, and it does not give us the proper picture of the dog's personality.

Won't you consider becoming a foster home? Listed below are some of the most frequently used excuses why some people won't foster. Please read them and think about the possibility of taking in an OES in need - for a short period of time.

1. "I do not have time..."

Most of us work full-time jobs. It is a fact of life. But an adult dog can easily stay content while you are at work. Doesn't your dog have the same routine that a foster dog would? Even if not ideal, it would give temporary shelter. And we provide foster homes with a crate to ease the transition.

2. "I do not feel I have enough experience to handle a foster charge..."

Your dog was strange and new to you the first few weeks in your home. It only took time and love to get him settled in. The same holds true for the foster "kid". We are always just a phone call away for all your questions. And before we place a foster dog in your home, we would match him to suit your routine and your dog's temperament.

3. "I already have a dog, kids, and/or cats..."

You may be pleasantly surprised that your dog will enjoy the company. We match a foster dog to you that is compatible and will complement the pets and children already in your home. This helps ease the transition so everyone can live happily together. Many OES that come into our system have grown up with kids, cats and other dogs, so they would be a perfect choice for you.

4. "My dog may catch something..."

All dogs are thoroughly checked out by a vet prior to going into foster care. They are vaccinated for DHLPP, Parvo and Rabies. And all dogs are wormed for internal parasites. This allows them to come in contact with other animals without fear that they will infect or pass along anything to your pet. You should have your pets current and up-to-date on all their vaccinations, which further protect them from diseases present in the environment.

5. "I will become attached and won't want to give up the foster dog..."

From time to time, a foster home will decide to adopt their foster dog. It is wonderful since the dog gets a great home, and many still continue to foster. Without foster care, many dogs would not be ready for permanent placement. They need a chance to detach from the family that had to give them up or abandoned them, and to find love and warmth from another family. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are a vital part of the dog's success in its adoptive placement. You are also able to set the time limit you wish to foster, so you control how long to have the dog in your home and how often you would like to foster.

Fostering is necessary to see the individuality of each OES. Please, stop to consider where your dog might be today if someone had not opened their home to him when he was an orphan. And if you would like more information on our foster program, contact the hotline phone number (781) 259-8173

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