Dixie OES Rescue


What does an OES look like?

OES are large dogs, with a combination of various shades of grey (or black depending on the age of the dog) and white markings. Brown is not found naturally in the coat (although some coats might "sunbleach" on the top if the dog has been left outside. The body of the dog is generally dark sometimes with areas of white called splashes, with white on the heads and feet. In the USA tails are bobbed at the age of less than one week, although we have seen some dogs with tails. If the dog has a tail, the tail will have a white tip at the end. They are generally a compact, muscular dog. They stand about 22-25" high at the withers (top of shoulders) and can weigh anywhere from 50# to 100# depending on the sex and general build of the dog. OES can have either two brown eyes, or two blue eyes, or one of each color.

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Do you accept OES Mixes into your rescue?

We can often find homes for what we call "Mostlies". These are dogs that although they obviously are not pure sheepdog, look enough like a sheepdog to satisfy the people who come to us for a dog.

Do you take in every dog?

Every dog is considered on an individual basis.

Where are dogs kept that are in your program?

The dogs are kept in the homes of volunteer members of DOESR that have completed a foster home screening.

What happens to a dog when it enters your program?

Each dog is checked by the vet, receives any necessary vaccinations, is microchipped (if it does not have one), and is heartworm tested. If the dog is not already spayed/neutered, that procedure is performed before the dog can be placed. If the dog requires any medical treatment, that is performed or initiated before the dog is placed. Each dog is also temperament tested and evaluated for behavior issues.

Are you a 501 (c)) (3) organization.?

We have applied for 501 (c)( 3) status and are awaiting approval.

How do you adopt an OES from your organization?

Adoption requires a written adoption application. We screen our Applicants with home visits, phone interviews, vet and groomer checks. You will be required to sign a written adoption contract.

Can you help me if I can no longer keep my dog?

Yes, please complete an owner-surrender questionnaire and release. Collect all vet records and other paperwork and have your dog clean and ready to go into foster care.

What happens after I take my newly adopted dog home?

You will receive follow-up communications and/or a visit. We will be available to answer any questions you may have after taking your dog home and will be available as an ongoing resource to you.

What if it wasn’t a good match?

DOESR requires the dog be returned to our rescue.

For more information please contact us