Dixie OES Rescue


We are very proud to introduce our OES rescue group -- Dixie Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. (DOESR). We are not new to OES rescue (with many thanks to NEOESR and OESRNSE and the Old English Sheepdog Club of Central Florida)  

We live in Florida and saw a need to start-up this new OES rescue group and plan to serve the abandoned, mistreated, or unwanted OES in the “Land of Cotton”.  We have just received our non-profit status and have applied to be 501 (3) (c) corporation.  Rosie, our first  Dixie rescue dog, was placed in her forever home this week. Michelina has painted us our very own puppy, “Dixie”, the elite pup with a ball. He is adorable!

Please visit us on-line at www.dixieoesrescue.org   Linda Allen, our webmaster, has done a fantastic job putting all of our wants and needs on a website. We owe her quite a bit of hair dye for all the gray hair we have given her!

We would like to have your permission to have your contact information on our OES Rescue contact list on our website. Please check our website and let me know if your contact information is correct and/or if any changes need to be made.

Courtesy postings of Available Dogs from your rescue are also an option to consider on our website. Interested?  Please contact us.

We would love to hear from you.  Pllease consider becoming a member of Dixie -- you can even join on-line!  Whistlin’Dixie, our newsletter, will be published quarterly. Our on-line store will have some very unique items available soon.

We look forward to seeing y’all at the Rescue Parade at the OESCA meeting in Williamsburg this fall.


Best regards,

Gene Belden, Karen Burdash, and
Marie Harrington

For more information please contact us